Religions of Sors Terra


Apostles of Glory
Apostles of glory are the most common religion among the race of man. All of which were once men who with great deeds have transcended this reality and their mortality.

Most men that revere such beings worship them for their acts toting them as heroes. But the truly affirmed know that one cannot gain any favor by there worship. Instead they follow the path of Glory set by previous apostles, and are rewarded with glory upon themselves not by the Apostle.

Scholars have many theories about how clergy gain power.

Some think that it is simply some sort of cosmic mistake. The Universe can’t tell the difference between the Apostle or the follower granting them a similar power.

Others postulate that the priests are faking the any power they have passing off the arcane as something more.

Even still some claim that the priests are chosen of the Apostles themselves giving them power, but any truthful holy man will deny this.

The most commonly followed Apostles are as follows

Saint Allesya the Martyr- favored among the common people as so long ago in the Province of Raven’s Folly

Ancient Beings
Mantled Avatar
Beings of Chaos

Religions of Sors Terra

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