Caelynn Imsh

The Ageless Skald


If asked she will tell you she is 27, but when you hear her stories of war and battles and her travels, one begins to wonder. And once one begins to add up the years it seems she should be 60 or more. If asked about her stories, she simply says, "I am a bard, I experience everything around me and weave it into my songs with such detail that 4 of your years is but 1 of mine.

Caelynn grew up here in Wulvrun the 5th child of merchant parents. Knowledge was her life and she was never without a book. At 14 she was asked to join the Librarians Guild at Reykukorc University, and tho she’d never been away from her family, the enticement of learning and adventure drew her to accept.
Caelynn spent 5 amazing years at Reykukorc University in the Library. She explored every nook and cranny and loved the ancient tomes the most. Caelynn was known for her humming in the Library, and unbeknownst to her superiors Caelynn begain weaving the folds of magic with her tunes. Outside of her library time Caelynn began learning to play the lute and other instruments, and quickly mastered them.
When the war started, Caelynn’s thirst for adventure led her to leave the Librarians Guild and join the Bard’s Guild. There she learned to weave her magic to help bolster the soldiers, and heal the injured. Soon she was traveling with Gorn’s battalion as their lead bard.
The war went far afield and Caelynn visited every library she could, enthralled with the tomes. At the Library in Jijavik, Caelynn was drawn to a tome. She could feel the power emanating from it. Caelynn’s next memory is waking up in the Jijavik Cleric’s Guild infirmary. They had been unable to wake her for 30 days. However, Caelynn felt wonderful, full of energy and ready to be on the battlefield.
Eventually the war ended but Caelynn did not want her adventure to end, and so she travelled the lands. Playing for her keep, playing on the battlefield when called to, playing for adventuring groups. Eventually making it back to Wulvrun. This is where you join her story.

Caelynn Imsh

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